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Garmin VirB Elite Action Camera Review

We analyze the action with built-in Garmin GPS camera. Meet the opinion and price this Garmin VirB elite.
Garmin VirB Elite hd Action Camera Review

Garmin VirB Elite exploits the experience in the sector of sports GPS positioning which has the Garmin Company. Its design is clearly focused on facilitating the recording just by sliding a switch. Pack incorporates a series of adapters and brackets that provide us the work of place it wherever you want. In terms of its resistance to water, this just reaches a depth meter unless we use housing resistant to water that we can acquire an option, in which case your back increases fairly.
In the camera market in action, where the GoPro is still the queen, have been a time without seeing any type of innovation no manufacturer, many who have copied the formula of GoPro have joined some differential element that makes it stand out. This is not the case that concerns us because Garmin has opted to provide it with GPS as well as having if same water resistance without specifying housing.
We have to remember that the manufacturer Garmin has a long history in the world of GPS, mostly focused on segment targeting the car, however, have decided to enter the world of cameras in action.
Analysis of Garmin VirB Elite
Virb Elite, besides GPS technology, offers a maximum resolution in video 1080 p at 30 fps while recording in parallel to all this can record GPS data and the route was taken. It has a small but perfectly viewable screen, image stabilization and an autonomy that give you to record up to 3 hours. Well above that, for example, you can get cameras type GoPro or SJ400.

The design of the Virb highlighted by does not resemble anything to what we are used to seeing in the segment action cameras have a flattened design, nothing to do with the typical GoPro, with a bright white color in terms of their housing. The color and the material responds well to dirt and even manage to give a touch more adventurous so to speak. In any case is not a magnet for dirt as initially thought. Its size is slightly greater than the rest of his rivals, however, this has a positive point, because it makes handling much easier with buttons for direct access to many functions.
Garmin VirB Elite hd Action Camera Review
Your screen but low resolution, it is easy to time even with exterior light and allows you to make quick adjustments and changes whenever you want. Feature in terms of its design more prominent is slide switch that serves as a button of start and stops recording mode, which allows us to know fast operation if the camera is recording or not.
In the front of this Garmin, VirB Elite are as it has been typical in the Chambers of action a large angular type FishEye which gives recordings the characteristic appearance. Unlike most manufacturers, Garmin gives us the possibility of obtaining a couple of further with regard to the recording settings, such as the possibility of activating the image stabilization, an aspect of this that is essential and for my mark the difference from the rest, and also the correction of the lens. In terms of the stabilization work pretty well, and it shows. The lens correction is best not to touch it since you can generate distortions. The image stabilization, however, was very effective when used in hand or in softer road situations.

The small screen allows you to easily navigate the configuration, or it can be used as a preview live. The appearance of the mounts in an action camera is quite important because in general we often tend to fix it somewhere that will allow us to take the picture with surprising angles and shots. In the particular case, Garmin has created a system of release fast is one of the best systems that I have been able to prove. The build quality is quite high. Also, one of the big advantages of this system is its compatibility with the GoPro accessories, therefore, we can use to those who already have or find them easily in the market.

We can control the VirB Elite thanks to its Wi-Fi connection via any of our smartphones, either Android or iOS. The connection is stable and easy to perform. The app will allow us to adjust all the parameters of the camera as well as have access to viewing live and start or stop recording.
Garmin VirB Elite hd Action Camera Review
Video resolution options are limited, but the real quality of the playback is very good, showing good, natural color that resolves a lot of detail and tonal graduation. Moving from darkness to light areas Yes shows a slight delay in the change of exposure, but the balance sheet is corrected quickly. Within the video options, you can also change the field of view through three zoom settings.
The ability to shoot still images has also been well resolved and the quality is surprisingly good for what can be expected for this type of account camera with a maximum resolution of 16MP and color video images with the tone of the pictures reproduce naturally quite clearly.
Garmin VirB Elite hd Action Camera Review
The appearance of the GPS is one of their points differential and highlighting. It is capable of automatically recording your location. These data will be used later as desired. But also, can access them through the included screen. Which show us data such as weather, compass, speed, altitude etc...
It is also compatible with ANT technology, therefore, if we are connected to a device ANT you can get more information such as heart rate, Cadence, temperature etc. In addition to the app for Wi-Fi connection, Garmin also provides its own software for video editing, although Basic, gives us enough to edit our captures.


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Garmin VirB Elite Video: Here

Garmin VirB Elite action camera is generally exceptional this well designed and focused on what users need. Materials and construction form are notable, and nothing to do with Chinese copies of the GoPro lens and the quality of the image, coupled with optical stabilization make having a great camera with the plus of having GPS.

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