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Best Digital Camera | Nikon Coolpix L340 Review

Analysis of the Nikon Coolpix L340 camera which has a 20-megapixel sensor and a 28 x in a bridge format zooms.
Best Digital Camera | Nikon Coolpix L340 Review top digital cameras
This Nikon Coolpix L340 is a bridge camera equipped with a powerful zoom lens at a price that can be described as affordable. This model is the renewal of its predecessor the L330. Without the main attraction, in addition to the 20-megapixel sensor is an optical zoom of 28 x which gives a 35mm equivalent focal range to (22-630 mm). As a negative point, at least, from my point of view, is the fact of not having a battery, as its power is through the use of 4 AA batteries.

Analysis of Nikon Coolpix L340
To be honest there is a big difference between an older model, i.e. the L330 and this new Nikon Coolpix L340. In fact, the biggest difference we can find lies in the marginal increase of the zoom range. While its predecessor had a 26 x optical zoom, this new model has been increased to 28 x, which equals a range spanning 22 - 630mm in 35mm.
Best Digital Camera | Nikon Coolpix L340 Review
As a remarkable point is the fact that Nikon has provided the lens with a vibration reduction by displacement of the lens, which is vital in reducing the vibration of the pulse, and has its largest application in situations with poor lighting and video recording.
The L340 is externally identical to the L330, and also shares the same 20.2MP CCD sensor that is capable of obtaining a maximum of ISO1600 sensitivity. 
To the video recording, the resolution remains in HD 1280 x 720, which given the progressive leap into the 4 k which we are living, is a somewhat low resolution and I do not think that this justified not record in 1080 p when the majority of current smartphones are able to do so. However, this is the consideration that we must pay to have a product with a good zoom lens at an affordable price.

  • 20.2-megapixel CCD sensor 1 / 2.3 inch
  • ISO80 to ISO1600
  • 28 x optical zoom, equivalent 22.5 - 630mm, f / 3.1 to 5.9
  • Lens shift vibration reduction
  • LCD screen 3.0 inch, 460,000-points
  • 720 p HD video recording
  • AA batteries
Best Digital Camera | Nikon Coolpix L340 Review
This Nikon Coolpix L340 111.1 x 76.3 x 83.3 mm and is relatively compact for the type of camera that is. In terms of weight, this is 430 grams, which also falls within the normal range that can be found in most bridge cameras powered by batteries.
The design overall is thick, boasts a large rubber grip and support for the thumb on the back make that camera has a user-friendly in terms of its grip. Despite being a bridge camera, its range of controls closer place the buttons available in the Compact with basic controls are limited to essential controls for the self-timer, scene modes, macro mode, video recording and flash mode choice.
The hint that we find manual control is the button for exposure compensation, which allows us to several up to +/-2 set the exposure points. This Nikon Coolpix L340 has a 3 inch LCD screen which offers a generally satisfactory visual experience since it has a good reproduction of color and brightness. However, total resolution remains at only 460K points, which is pretty far from what they give other models. His main point against is situated in viewing angles, which are quite limited. This L340 uses the Nikon menu design. It is not particularly special, but it is basic, functional and easy to navigate, especially considering how some menu options are available.
Best Digital Camera | Nikon Coolpix L340 Review
In this sense, I know people that have to use batteries AA seem a good choice in the sense that it is very easy to find a replacement quickly and cheaply in any part of the world. For my particular, weight and the poor performance of this type of battery do that you for me a camera that makes use of this power system this completely ruled out. In any case, it is worth mentioning that with 4 alkaline AA batteries we may get 370 shots, which is quite acceptable.

  • Shutter response - 0.15secs
  • Wide - Zoom / shutter response - 0.5secs
  • Full - focus zoom / shutter response - 0.55secs
  • Turn on time to take a photo - 1.7secs
  • One trip to another without Flash - 3.2secs
  • Shot to shot with Flash - 4.6secs
  • Continuous shot – JPEG
  • (Vaccines before reducing the speed) - 1 FPS (4 shots)
  • Continuous shooting – Flash - N / A

The lens performance
The fact of having a 28 x optical zoom is undoubtedly its greatest attraction. Equipped zoom produces moderate levels of chromatic aberration, however processing JPEG Nikon correct in the majority of cases any lens distortion, although it presents a slight ripple that is still noticeable at maximum wide angle
In terms of sharpness, it is acceptable in the center and its surroundings but looks much deteriorated into the corners. Auto-focus speed is a highlight of this camera, as in good light it focuses really quickly in the macro approach while Nikon quotes a 1 cm macro focus distance, is necessary at least 5 cm.
Best Digital Camera | Nikon Coolpix L340 Review top digital cameras

ISO noise performance
The range of ISO 80 and 100, this Nikon L340 produces enough clean images with little evidence of noise. ISO 200, noise begins to appear and the edges are beginning to lose definition. There is a little more noise at ISO 400, but the images can be considered as acceptable. From here the noise is very noticeable and impairs the quality of the image.

Optical zoom
Quality sensor
Good construction

Power batteries AA
Few manual options
ISO performance

This Nikon Coolpix L340 is an update shortly highlight of its predecessor, the fact of not having battery can be justified by the smallness of its price since we must not forget that we have a camera with a 20-megapixel resolution and a 28 x total zoom.
However, I believe that we can find best options, that while they will not have such resolution or both zoom, will be better options than this Nikon Coolpix L340 altogether in the same price range.
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