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Best Digital Camera Review | Canon Powershot SX530 Review

We bring you analysis of the digital camera Canon Powershot SX530 HS, a bridge which has a powerful 50 x zoom.

This new Canon Powershot SX530 HS comes to be the natural relief for the SX520 model, which brings with it some new features such as the fact of having a powerful zoom, and an improvement significant in terms of its connectivity with Wi-Fi and NFC. On the other hand, continuous sensor being the same as in the previous model, specifically a CMOS resolution 16 Megapixel backlit. One of its greatest strengths is the fact of having a good number of manual controls, something that cameras of this type though usual, does not always found.
Best Digital Camera | Canon Powershot SX530 Review
Best Digital Camera | Canon Powershot SX530 Review
Analysis of Canon Powershot SX530
This camera Canon Powershot SX530 HS offers a renewed objective, which has an optical zoom of 50 x, which is capable of covering the 35mm equivalent range extending from 24mm to 1200 mm. By having both zooms the fact that this fitted with optical stabilization seems crucial for crisp images and a good quality video recording. The camera has an impressive macro mode that will allow you to focus on the objects to just 1 centimeter on the front of the goal, which is pretty impressive considering the wide range covering.
In this new model, Canon has resisted the temptation to increase the number of megapixels, or simply use another different sensor, that's why the camera features the same CMOS sensor backlit 16 Megapixel resolution that offers good performance in low light situations.
Best Digital Camera | Canon Powershot SX530 Review
In terms of controls, notably the upper dial, through which we can handle opening and priority shutter as well as numerous scene modes which is ideal both if you are a beginner as someone more experienced in these tasks. It has many creative effects and filters to add to our screenshots in a digital way, creative shooting mode to generate automatically a number determined copies digitally retouched by using various filters.
Another point worth highlighting of this Canon Powershot SX530 HS is the novelty of the inclusion of Wi-Fi as NFC so much connectivity, which is appreciated and much since that allows us to connect the camera to our smartphone using an available app for iOS as Android.

  • 16-Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
  • 50 x optical zoom lens, equivalent to 24 - 1200mm
  • Optical image stabilization, 2.5stops
  • 3 inch 461 k
  • Wi-Fi connectivity / NFC
  • FullHD video with stereo sound
  • ISO100 to ISO3200

This Canon Powershot SX530 HS has a grip of a good size, which is quite useful to have a rubber coating and helps us to have a grip that avoids the feeling of us slip between the hands. The body is built on plastic materials, however not gives us a feeling of weakness in construction, being this rigid, although if we appreciate that certain parts are slightly flexible pressure at any case the quality of materials is very in tune with the rest of bridge cameras on the market, not emphasizing this aspect.
Best Digital Camera | Canon Powershot SX530 Review
The flash can be lifted manually by pulling off to remove it and thus activate it for use. As a negative point, we find the fact that lacks an electronic viewfinder, which is partially mitigated through the use of their 3-inch diagonal screen.
This 3-inch screen has a resolution of 461 k points, what is reasonably acceptable, although not of the best we've tasted this very in tune with the rest of the set. Another point that I liked this screen is not being flipped, which today for me has become essential.
As we have already noted above, this Canon Powershot SX530 HS has a good number of dedicated buttons and manual controls, includes a button for exposure compensation as well as a control wheel at the top so we will be relatively quick and easy change from one mode to another.
To change other options will have to make use of the FUNC button which will open us a menu of common settings on the screen, which is useful for quickly without having to go through the rest of menus.

In the section on this Canon Powershot SX530 connectivity HS if that stands out above the rest of options on the market. This contributes to the fact that Canon has endowed it both Wi-Fi and NFC.
To be able to connect to the camera, either through IOS or Android will have to do so using an app for Canon. Once installed and linked our device and camera you can view pictures and videos that are stored in the camera, as well as transfer them to our smartphone share to our liking.
We also have the option to control the camera remotely as well as configure a series of parameters of the camera before making a capture. This is a well maintained by Canon that while is becoming one of the demands most requested consumer is neglected by many manufacturers in this segment of cameras.

Battery life
The battery life is rated at 210 shots according to the results of tests of Canon. In our usage, we have been able to reach up to 290 shots, that if doing using Eco mode, which lengthens the duration of the battery among other things off the screen in a way more quickly as we don't use it.

  • Shutter response - 0. 05secs
  • Wide - Zoom / shutter response - 0.1secs
  • Full - focus zoom / shutter response - 0.5secs
  • Power and first capture - 1.4secs
  • One trip to another without Flash - 1.1secs
  • Shot to shot with Flash - 2.5secs
  • Continuous shot - JPEG - 5 fps
  • Continuous shooting - Flash - 1.1secs
Best Digital Camera | Canon Powershot SX530 Review
ISO Noise Performance
ISO 100 to ISO 400 produces images with a level relatively low noise. In ISO800 already increases the ISO1600 noise and detail is reduced. ISO3200 shows the highest noise levels and lower levels of detail, and it is better to avoid it.
Best Digital Camera | Canon Powershot SX530 Review

The camera records Full HD video with stereo sound and optical zoom available while recording. The video quality is good, and optical image stabilization system does a very good job in order to maintain the stable image, although if we make use of the optical zoom fully, (50 x) see them and want them to keep the stable image, but in any case, this is rather than compressible.

Value for money
Backlit sensor

Quality screen
Absence Viewer
Quality materials

This Canon Powershot SX530 HS is a more than a worthy update of the SX520 which gives us a good optical zoom, with a CMOS sensor, backlit also have optical stabilization good attached to numerous manual options connectivity options, make it a camera to take into account especially if we caught it for a good price.
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