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Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 HS Review

We bring you the full review of the Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS and our opinion on a compact camera with 12 x zoom and Wi-Fi as main attractions.

This Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS that we analyze is the generational renewal of the Canon IXUS 265 HS. In this new version, it has a sensor BSI CMOS 20 megapixel which comes accompanied by an optical zoom of 12 x as well as optical connectivity and image stabilization both Wi-Fi as the NFC.

Its major attractions include the optical zoom which has, with a total of 12 x posed a range that covers the 25 - 300 mm in their equivalence to the 35 mm.
This zoom also has optical image stabilization, which is always useful both for video captures at the end of the optical zoom.
In terms of the range ISO, this covers up to ISO3200 which helps improve pictures taken in low light conditions. The closeup photos can be taken with this Canon IXUS 275 HS hours are just 1 cm away from the target.
This Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS has a series of characteristics that makes us more easy capture, notable among which are Auto mode, creative shot and hybrid auto
The creative shot takes a series of screenshots it separately applied an effect or filter. One of their strong points, and even tending in mind its price is the fact that come equipped with as for the NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows us to control the camera remotely from our Android or iOS device. While this function seems very common I assure you that not everything is the extended as we would like in this line of compact cameras.
The app that we installed in our terminal does not facilitate the to share it by email, WhatsApp or Facebook. In terms of outward appearance or design, this CanonPowershot ELPH 350 HS has a body built in metal that is available in several colors, both silver, and black.
Main features
  • 20.2 megapixels and 1 / 2.3inch BSI CMOS sensor
  • 12 x optical zoom, equivalent 25 - 300mm f / 3.6-f / 7.0
  • Optical image stabilization, 2.5 stops of
  • 3-inch screen, 461.000 points
  • Wi-Fi connectivity / NFC
  • FullHD Video, 30 fps
  • ISO80 to ISO3200
  • 1 cm macro focus
  • Continuous shooting 2.5fps
This Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS is a compact digital camera, whose design gives you elegant thanks to its curved metal body appearance.
It has a screen of 3 inches in the back. As a negative point to the design is the fact that in the part where we tend to grab the camera, is precisely where the closer is, therefore this brings as a consequence that is slightly slippery to hold it with one hand.
However, the camera feels well built and with rigid materials the switch located on the top gives you a finish even more premium.
To change between the different modes of firing we will have to press the FUNC/SET button on the back of the camera and choose the mode on the screen. The change in the configuration is quite simple, with most of the options available on the display.

As the screen is 3 inches as already mentioned and has a resolution of 461.000 points, therefore, the screen looks reasonably good, with a few good viewing angles and that does not imply any problem or impediment viewing outdoors in sunlight focusing.

The Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS is equipped in terms of connectivity with Wi-Fi and NFC, which we facilitate and speeds up the connection with our compatible devices.
As for the application that is available for both Android and iOS, once we are connected and paired with the camera can see images and video and transfer them to your terminal. Also, can shoot remotely and to remotely control the camera as well as add or geo - tagging our screenshots using GPS.
Once we have pictured them in our smartphone share they are following the usual manner.

The duration of the battery of the cannon IXUS 275 HS is approximately 185 shots, however using ECO mode, we can expand this figure up to the 250 shots which are something more acceptable. In any case, these figures are in the middle if we take into account those of the eco mode because otherwise seem low. Therefore, it is advisable to make use of a spare battery.

The performance section is where we see the operation of camera image quality. In addition, sample photos and product shots are available in the database of the computer, where you can add your opinion, photos and reviews of products.

Performance objective
We tried the photos at the end of the zoom of the lens which is where you usually see the shortcomings, and they continue to show a good level of detail. Images have a very sharp profile at the corners, with good resolution using a good lens signal. There are a certain deviation purple and chromatic aberration visible towards the edges and corners, however, are not excessive.
Noise is visible in images expanded to the maximum of its size, especially in the blue skies, though this for social photography is not itself a problem.
The performance of the macro approach is excellent. The camera is able to focus on objects that are located at only 1 cm away from the goal.

ISO noise performance
To keep the noise the more it is advisable to make use of the range of ISO80 ISO100. Since that, the images to these sensitivities have a good level of detail and no noise.
It is necessary to climb to ISO200 ISO400 in which we still get good performance in low light situations, but began to appear the noise and significantly reduces the level of detail.
At ISO1600 levels the noise becomes very charged and the recommendation is to avoid this option in the possible

Digital filters
There are a number of effects or filters are available, which include mode miniature, toy camera. However, we acknowledge the lack of a panoramic mode and shot in HDR.

The camera is capable of recording video with FullHD resolution with mono sound and which also will make use of the zoom while we recorded. The video quality is good and the optical image stabilization does a good job, which is appreciated especially in video recording
As a negative point is the low quality of the audio, that being mono could be something better.

This compact camera is what it is, and its price segment clearly places it as a camera to solve the majority of situations, however, does not give a good quality camera with a zoom that we get out of the trouble in most situations and especially the fact of having connectivity for both Wi-Fi as the NFC.

Value for money
Quality objective
Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC

Battery life
Quality sound in the video

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