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Digital Camera Canon Powershot N2 Review

We look at the Canon Powershot N2, a minimalist camera designed to be easy to use, be transportable and share easily via Wi-Fi.

We will analyze a camera that by design is difficult to fit in any category that rightly if it is clear that it is a simple design and looking for be it more simple minimalist. We will analyze form detailing this new Canon Powershot N2 and answer the question of whether it is or not worth, likewise we will give you our opinion and the pros and cons we've found during use.
The first thing that must be said is that this Canon Powershot N2 has an optical zoom 8 x, in addition to a recliner and flip-up display featuring touch features in terms of connectivity is equipped with Wi-Fi and NFC. In terms of sensor used in this new version presented by Canon, is situated in a resolution of 16.1 megapixel design is patent that is quite original, having a square appearance which gives it a peculiar image.

Features Canon Powershot N2
The Canon Powershot N2 has been manufactured with both Wi-Fi as NFC connectivity for easy to share our files easily and quickly through the network, in addition to be able to send it to the printer or to mobile devices.
It has a 16.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and an optical zoom 8 x that in its equivalent in 35 mm would be 28 - 224 mm. To facilitate the capture has an optical image stabilizer. The camera is capable of firing up to 2.7 fps continuous mode. Automatic mode, called Smart Auto is able to select from 58 different modes and adjust the camera settings for best results when making a shot without that user is complicated. One of the options that more we draw attention, gives the possibility of capturing a four-second 720 p resolution video clips before each shot, which is quite useful although not created, and many smartphones begin to include this option.

If we focus on the aspect of the video, this Canon Powershot N2 is capable of recording in Full HD resolution 1080 p with image stabilization and the use of the available zoom during recording

  • 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
  • 8 x optical zoom (35mm equiv.: 28-224 mm)
  • Change image stabilization lens
  • 2.8 inch touch screen LCD recliner 461 k points
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Recording video Full HD 1080 p
  • ISO 100-3200
  • Minimum distance of approach 1 cm
  • Creative shooting
  • Continuous shooting 2.7fps
  • Available in black and white
Design and usability
The Canon Powershot N2 has a body made of metallic materials and a design as you can see is particularly unusual. In the first place is square, something already if it is difficult to see in the designs of cameras, and no doubt a firm commitment by Canon to do something different. The back of the camera features a 2.8-inch diagonal touch screen, which means that by its size just there is space for buttons and most of the features can be accessed via the use of the touch screen even side of the camera we find the power button and off, on the other side is a switch for creative shooting mode and connectivity. 

In addition there are two rings in the front of the camera, the front can be pressed to release the shutter. The interior is to perform the zoom settings. Also we can perform these functions using the touch screen as mentioned above, and although it cost something at the beginning finally just getting used to use without a problem. As you can be seen in the images has a LED flash which is not particularly large, nor it has a lot of power since it uses combined with the focus of support for the approach.
If we move into the appearance of the Wi-Fi connectivity, this can be activated by simply pressing a button dedicated for this purpose and in this way we can connect to our mobile phone for example. Alternatively can also use connection via Wi-Fi, NFC connectivity, much more rapid for matching and linking devices. We must do all this via an app for smartphone, which makes us cannon and is available in the main app stores.
The battery life tends to haunt 200 shots from media according to the tests we have carried out during use. This data can be very improved by Canon, however if connectivity is not abused this autonomy may be extended up to 270 shots having activated Eco mode.

Performance Canon Powershot N2
Performance of the lens
If we focus on examining the detail of the image we can say that both ends of the lens is good, very few signs of halos being visible purple areas of high contrasts. The lens has a minimum focus distance of 1 cm that allows taking capture macro with a quality very decent in terms of the level of detail, although sometimes it can be difficult camera to focus on objects that are located too close.

ISO performance
In general, the noise is low at ISO levels between 100 and 200. If we go up to levels of ISO 400 images tend to become a little more soft and so little by little until we reached the figure of 3200 ISO, which already produces blurry areas, but in general the quality of the image is good in both normal ISO levels, as high, being acceptable for use amateur or simply share them on the web or social networking.
White balance
Under incandescent lights, the automatic white balance (AWB) gives a result of warm, incandescent working well pre-set.

Quality/price and opinion
With a price that the Canon Powershot N2 stands as a great alternative if we want a rare design, connectivity, and a solvency in the majority of situations. However if these aspects are not decisive at that price we can find alternatives that are up to.

Good image quality
Good management of ISO noise
Good design
Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC
Touch screen

Somewhat complicated controls at the beginning
Battery life
Flash LED

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