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Canon Connect Station CS100 Review

We leave the analysis of the new station or external hard drive, as you look, Canon CS100. We show you that serve and their benefits.

This Canon CS100 station is a new product within the catalog of Canon. Its design is focused on becoming a sort of home multimedia center, which provides us the work of to view our photos and videos on TV.
One of the first things that draw attention to opening the box that comes this Canon CS100 is the scarcity or few instructions attached. Then we realize that just needed them, as is a device in which that "plug and play" This led to the end.

Analysis of Canon CS100
New concept
Use is really easy to, and with the remote control that incorporates we can configure it really quick and easy. Once configured, the thing is still simple, because we will have to just take our Canon camera, with NFC connectivity, and place it on top of the Canon CS100 station. And that's all.
One thing that made me not too much grace is that it lacks an HDMI cable included, luckily I could use one of my own to take advantage of this Canon CS100, but I don't think that include one of these wires suppose too.
As I have already mentioned your configuration is really fast, that Yes, you already notice that it takes its time to start from 0, and must be given an approximate margin of 40-50 seconds until it is fully operational. I could leave it on continuously.
To use it we will need to use, or create an account on Imaging, the portal of Canon, in which we will record our device and it will give us access to options on the internet that has access this gadget.
Feel me that this type of device is more focused on the public making use of the new compact cameras from Canon and that the public making use of reflex systems, tends to be more likely to use directly the computer as a means of dump files. This device is optimized to work with products from other manufacturers, but the entire ecosystem is designed to maximize their own products. That yes, the NFC at the moment only connection system is compatible with their own cameras that have this type of connectivity.
We tested the NFC connection speed using a card which is contained different types of files, both RAW, and JPG, weighing a total of 2 GB. The process was rather slow. It gives you time to prepare yourself a cup of coffee. That yes, you can opt out and leave to just complete the process.
As you can see, this station Canon CS100 has a card slot, allowing us to transfer the files directly from these. In this case, the speed of transfer seemed much better. It supports both Compact Flash, as SD cards and here plays a crucial role, the speed of transfer of the card itself.
Try to test the NFC connection with other devices such as a Tablet, and there were not found any. It did the same thing using a Sony camera with NFC connectivity. Therefore, this type of transfer only can use it if you have a compatible Canon camera, something which I think is a big mistake by Canon, which limits and much the audience to which this device can be helpful.
The rest that I have by the comment is little positive. The USB 2.0 connection seems to me something that should have been avoided, giving the jump to the standard 3.0 in which transfer speeds are greater. The design of menus and different screens is rather simple, however, it is useful, and the problem comes from the navigation options and parameters makes really slow. It gives me the feeling that the whole is penalized for making use of a hard disk, which by the way is 1 terabyte of capacity, too slow.
 Video of Canon CS100

The concept is good, it may be useful depending on the type of user you are. But I'd like to make a series of recommendations to canon in the face of a possible new version. The hard disk, and therefore the whole itself, must necessarily be faster. 3.0 connections is forced inclusion today.
The operating system which makes use perhaps should rethink to be as useful as possible. And also, Canon CS100 supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, and traditional Chinese, this good for international users.

Simple installation

Few options functionality

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