Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The A - Z Best Digital Camera Review Canon 5DS R

We bring you the review of one of the best reflex of the moment. The Canon 5DS R. Knows the best and worst of this camera with a price that is not suitable for all budgets. While this Canon 5DS R could it seems the natural relief for the Canon 5 D, not quite so.

This new Canon 5DS R boasts a 50-megapixel sensor full-frame, designed for those situations in which the maximum resolution is one of the main factors to take into account. It can produce amazing images both in quality and definition, that if we are to be very aware of that purpose use, since these, if they are not of the highest quality can affect the final result.

In short is an amazing camera, whose difference is notable with respect to the Sony A7R II that is focused and designed in the professional sector. In addition to this, its price limits much the segment of buyers.

Analysis of Canon 5DS R

They have already spent more than three years since Canon launched the 5 d Mark III, but even so, the design is very similar to the one used in this Canon 5DS R. That if, with nuances, since it is more big and heavy. In particular, we are talking about dimensions 116.4 x 152 x 76.4mm and weighs 930 grams.

This already if it seems excessive, and reason enough to discard it, but we have to take into account the high quality of its results and the possibilities offered.

It has a good grip, both by the depth of the texture. The Canon 5DS R has a quality of construction to last and last year, and less with its price. Made of an alloy of magnesium that also sealed with stand the dust.

Manual controls including are pretty good. This manufactured with high-quality dials and that is something that is noticeable to the touch.

Viewfinder and Screen

One of the points that highlight this Canon 5DS R is the fact to be able to read the controls also in the viewfinder. It provides a complete shooting experience.

This Canon 5DS R has a viewfinder covering 100% of the field of view, and only can say that for quality and others are simply excellent.

This camera features with possibly the viewer with more info from anyone they can see. This can be customized to taste, count lines of division, an electronic level with all the basic parameters of shooting that we want to place.

Passing to the rear screen, it should be noted that their quality is good, but sincerely given the price and the segment of the camera in question was expecting something more.

It's a screen without touch functions and is not articulated. Their quality is very good by cons and offers 1.04 million points in its resolution through its 3.2 inch diagonal.

It is equipped with an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically.


One of the points that most disappointed me this camera has been its connectivity. Is true that is focused on the professional sector and in this respect it perhaps not so decisive, but if today virtually any camera Wi-Fi, I do not think that in this price has been so difficult to add.

There or with Wi-Fi, or NFC, or GPS. On the other hand, if you have a USB 3.0 port that seems very useful, given the overall weight of the files. By way of example, in full resolution, this camera in RAW format produces 65-70 MB files.

Battery Life

This Canon 5DS R is capable of reaching on a single charge, the 700 shots. A figure that you despite being less than 950 of the Canon 5 d Mark III continues to be very high. And sweeps out all the mirror less market.


Today's video is a very important part in the work of the professionals would be absurd. In this sense, the Canon 5DS R offers capabilities perhaps something more limited for what we would like to

It has 4K video recording, and the 1080 p resolution capture is not limited to only 30 frames per second. As a point in favor point out that it has a mic input.

  • Quality and definition materials
  • Construction
  • professional approach
  • Price
  • Connectivity
  • Video

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