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Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera Review

A full review of the camera Canon EOS 70D which has 20.2-megapixel camera, touchscreen, viewfinder and FullHD video recording.

While it already takes a while in the market, the EOS Canon 70D remains one of the cameras from the canon catalog more war are, to a large extent by their good acceptance by consumers. In many of its specifications is located how advanced the prestigious Canon 70D, by what we can say without fear of being wrong is a reflex that can make happy many lovers of photography regardless of your experience level. As a small preview, one of its strengths lies in the high performance of approach which can make gala.
Canon Eos 70d Dslr Camera
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
Main features: 20.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor; 3-inch vari-angle LCD touch screen - 1040K dot; Canon lens EF-S mount; ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25,600); 1920 x 1080 HD video capture of @ 30, 25 and 24 fps

While the EOS Canon 70D meant the opening of new avenues for Canon, still the essence somehow more pure from the range EOS SLR. By way of example, we can point the processor which makes use this Canon EOS 70D is Canon DIGIC 5, which in essence is the same that can be found in the EOS 5 d Mk.III. As a result of the use of this processor, the processing of the data is amazing and we get a good speed of capture 7fps and ISO range that covers 100-12, 800, expandable to 25,600.

On the back of this Canon EOS 70D can find another very familiar with the EOS range feature since used screen is the same as we see in the 700 d EOS. In particular, it is a 3-inch screen, touch, and flip-up that has a resolution of 1040 k points, which in my humble opinion is one of the best, both levels of brightness, resolution, and functionality that I could test.
Canon Eos 70D Digital SLR Camera
Canon Eos 70D Digital SLR Camera
This Canon EOS 70D is compatible with the video recording in FullHD, which can be 30, 25 and 24 p, as well as standard HD, both 60 and 50 p. As a highlight, the fact in terms of the video, is an entry for the use of a microphone, something many grateful
Entering one of the strong points of this model, we find the high performance offered by facing the approach. It has AF technology for detection of phase that uses two photo-diodes on each of the pixels, giving you eliminate the need for a detection by contrast in the video system mode also has a 19-point AF-based approach type cross.
Another feature worth highlighting of this Canon EOS 70D is its connectivity. In particular boasts Wi-Fi which provides us the connection with our devices, both for sharing files and to control the camera, to the extent in which the Canon app allows it.
Canon Eos 70d Specs
Canon Eos 70d Specs
In big media, this Canon EOS 70D design is very similar to its predecessor, however, if you can see a series of remarkable changes. The biggest of these changes can be seen in the back of the camera body, where there is a revised design of controls. The buttons of the menu and information have been moved, also, towards the top left of the back of the camera like the Canon EOS 700.
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
Its thickness has also varied, being this model slightly more thinly. The body is built from a combination of fiber and polycarbonate resin in hand feels solid, which gives a feeling of a good construction.

In general, this EOS Canon 70D offers performance that can be expected from it. Even so, there are certain aspects that stand out and have given us a superior performance to which he really expected. One of these highlights is undoubtedly your screen touch Cannon was one of the first manufacturers to incorporate touch technology on the screens of SLR cameras, and no doubt feels the experience they have acquired over the years.

The screen is essentially the same as can be found in the 700 and its performance is equally impressive. The focus through the touch screen function is something that is appreciated and much over time. You can also access almost any control of the camera settings from the screen with a few touches.
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
The screen has a hinge which makes it swing, which is really useful for many situations. It is also worthy of praise good viewing angles are there in the screen, as well as a fairly high resolution. Turning to the Viewer, it offers a field of up to 98% of coverage. An interesting feature of this viewer is the electronic overlap, which is very useful in order to adjust focus modes.

In terms of performance in the approach, the AF system displays efficiency that makes clear the effort of the new double pixel technology. This is most obvious in the video, which will prevent many blurry scenes. We can, therefore, consider that it provides a great improvement on any digital SLR. However, not everything is perfect in this regard, since when the amount of light begins to drop, the autofocus performance also starts to show certain deficiencies.
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
Canon Eos 70D DSLR Camera
19-point AF system can think that is already very delayed in comparison with other models of auto-focus, however, keep point to all points are cross-type, and as a result offers us a good sensitivity of focus in the center of the plot even in low light conditions.
Canon Eos 70d Digital SLR Camera
Canon Eos 70d Digital SLR Camera
Image quality
Not only this EOS Canon 70D sensors is new, if not with the Dual pixel technology, is able to offer us a very high amount of detail. When we are at the bottom of the ISO sensitivity, this EOS Canon 70D is able to solve with a good level of detail. But that if, as we are climbing in the ISO sensitivity, it begins to make Act of presence the noise, however up to 1600 is hardly appreciable, even we can consider that up to 6400 results can be considered to be more than acceptable. That yes, if you shoot in RAW mode, the results can remain acceptable up to 25600 ISO sensitivity, when processing images later.
Canon Eos 70d Digital SLR Camera
Canon Eos 70d Digital SLR Camera
Video of Canon EOS 70D

This Canon EOS 70D is already stale on the market, but not for that reason is no longer sold, largely due to its successes to date. It can be a real step forward for lovers of photography digital SLR and we tend to record video with regularity, this model can give us very good results.

Performance approach
Solid construction

White balance

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