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Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10

We analyze the camera without mirror top digital cameras Fujifilm X-T10. A classic DSLR that is located in the entry segment and offers great performance and very good graphic quality.
Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras

Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras
The Fujifilm X-T10 is a new camera without a mirror of Fujifilm that fits within the compact of the brand segment. With a typical design of the classic SLR style, however, this account with current technology and a good example of this is the addition of an electronic viewfinder (EVF). The price can be expected for this segment and quality cameras. This available both in silver as in black, however, all the goals of the catalog are finished in black. Along with this camera, Fujifilm has presented a new target, the Fuji XF 90 mm f 2.0 WR. We will discuss more in detail each of the aspects of this camera without a mirror.

Analysis of Fujifilm X-T10

Features Fujifilm X-T10
This Fujifilm X-T10 uses the same 16.3-megapixel sensor APS-C X-Trans CMOS II, that we can find in the X-T1. Focus function is sensing by phase and has all of the improvements that have been introduced in the latest updates via firmware for the aforementioned X-T1, which gives the possibility of detecting approach faces, eyes and carry out its follow-up.
This Fujifilm X-T10 features 49 conventional AF focus points, which gives it a high approach speed and precision tracking of the focus point has also been significantly improved, based on an area of 77 points, which significantly improves the ability of the camera to capture moving objects. Capture rate is situated in the 8 fps continuous shooting with continuous AF. This Fujifilm X-T10 has an electronic viewfinder (EVF) with high resolution and a high refresh rate, all in a 0.39-inch screen. Its final resolution is 920 k.
Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras
This Fujifilm X-T10 has a body slightly more compact than its predecessor X-T1, counting measures 118 x 82 x 40 mm and weighing approximately 381 including battery and memory card. The camera has a top and bottom part made in cast magnesium pressure, as well as the dials, is made of high-quality aluminum.

Main specifications:
  • 16.3mp APS-C X-Trans II CMOS sensor
  • Ultra Sonic vibration sensor cleaning system
  • SD Card (UHS-I)
  • 3-inch tilting screen, 920 thousand points
  • EVF 0. 39inch, 2. 36million points, large 0.62 x
  • ISO100 to ISO51200 (extended)
  • 30s-1 / 4000s (mechanical) 1 / 32000s (e) speed of shutter (more light)
  • 8 fps continuous shooting with AF-C (8 frames)
  • Recording of 60/50 / 30/25 / 24 p (to 36Mbps) FullHD video
  • Wi-Fi
  • Battery life 350 shots
Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras
The Fujifilm X-T10 throws a sense of quality in their use. It has a large and soft rubber grip that makes it easy to hold it in your hand and gives us provides a good grip. This handle can be expanded if of desired with optional grip. The camera also has control wheels front and rear, as well as a front switch (manual focusing, continuous, individual).
We focus on the screen, this is a good quality, although abroad as much light, it is preferable to make use of the electronic viewfinder because you will have more difficulty seeing the screen correctly. The quality of this EVF has already been treated, however, return to the point that it has a good resolution and quality while its small size could have been improved. 
Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras
In the left part of the body, we can find a connector jack 2, 5 mm to be able to make use of a microphone.
This camera without a mirror is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. Screenshots can be performed remotely using the app created by Fujifilm that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Since these applications, we can shoot the camera, starting and stopping recording, select the photos you want to transfer to the smartphone or tablet and perform the geotagging of photos. The use of the app is very simple and has a good level of options, usually rare in this type of apps, at least on other manufacturers.

The battery life will give us to arrive without many problems up to 350 shots, as declared by the manufacturer. This figure is situated in the range that can be found in the mirror less cameras, which tend to range between 300 and 400 shots, so, as with the rest, it is very convenient to have a spare battery, but even if we want to make use more or less intensive Wi-Fi connectivity which will affect negatively on the autonomy of the camera.
Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras
  • Shutter response - 0. 05secs
  • Wide - Zoom / shutter response - 0.15-0.2secs
  • Full - focus zoom / shutter response - 0.15-0.2secs
  • Turn on time to take a photo - 1.6secs
  • Shot to shot without flash - 0.6secs
  • Shot to shot with Flash - 1.6secs
  • Continuous shot – JPEG (vaccines before reducing the speed) - 7 fps (14 shots)
  • Continuous shooting – Flash N / A
  • Continuous shooting – RAW - 7 fps (7 shots)

The performance of the lens: images we get have a good level of detail. The objective 18-55 mm f/2.8 does a good job and good results are obtained for both. This equipped with optical stabilization which greatly facilitates its use and improves the level of detail in low-light situations or simply when we can not make use of the tripod, or we are using the objective at the end of your zoom. Performance macro of this objective is, however, room for improvement and for best results it is recommended to use an objective dedicated macro. The objective just shows distortion and optimization including camera make the most from its sharpness if we use openings lower it can be drawn.

ISO noise performance: the noise, in General, is low and care okay, what throws us pretty decent detail levels to ISO values such as e.g. 1600. Continuous detail being good even above 3200, but begins to decrease from 6400. However the overall ISO performance is very good, can reach up to 51200, value, however, in which obviously the noise level is very high.
Digital Camera Review Fujifilm X-T10 top digital cameras
Performance white balance: auto white balance works properly with a very slight cast of color in tungsten lighting AWB mode works correctly in all lighting conditions.

Digital filters: this Fujifilm X-T10 features a large cast of shooting modes and filters. In general, we can shoot in RAW to then process the picture, or use one of the modes of shooting or built-in digital filters whose only if we get a JPEG file. It has an auto panoramic mode.

Video recording is an aspect more and more important in this type of cameras Fujifilm knows this and it has worked this aspect accurately, so it does not offer the possibility of adjusting the ISO sensitivity even in the video mode, rather than made into failure in my current Sony NEX. Also, can use the automatic mode and let the camera choose for us.
It also allows us to adjust the microphone level on a scale of 1 to 4. An external microphone can be incorporated. The rate of resolution and frames available are FullHD 1920 x 1080 at 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24 fps.

Fujifilm X-T10 Video Preview: Here

Good image quality
Acceptable value
Good management of ISO noise
Included electronic viewfinder
Video recording with multiple configurable parameters

Retractable screen
Shooting RAW unavailable in some modes

This Fujifilm X-T10 is a camera without a mirror that comes to renew the X-T1 improving in many aspects, and continuing its essence in many others. The main benefits of the X-T10 are the advances made in the focusing system and strip at 8 fps with continuous auto focus as it is smaller, has a built-in flash, and cost less, while still maintaining excellent controls which give direct access to the shutter speed, exposure compensation, and advance mode , so the camera a pleasure to use. 
While the electronic viewfinder is smaller than X-T1, the EVF has a very high resolution of 2.36 million points, and looks great, with bright and vibrant colors. The Fujifilm X-T10 would be an excellent choice for those looking for high image quality without having to load with the size and the volume associated with the typical DSLR is a camera without excellent mirror.

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