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Canon Powershot G5 X Review

We look at the digital camera Canon Powershot G5 X a compact camera that has a 1 inch and electronic viewfinder, in addition to a good touch screen sensor.

This Canon Powershot G5 X is the development of the G7 X since it has the same sensor of large size whose final resolution is 20 megapixels. This sensor is a BSI CMOS and its size is 1 inch, which is significantly larger than most compact on the market. However, both specifications, and price compete with high-end.

The objective is quite luminous as it oscillates between values f/1.8 and 2.8 is has an optical zoom of 4.2x. We also find that it has a useful touch screen, with the angle of inclination is variable, but the thing is not here because it is equipped with an electronic viewfinder while the whole integrated into a good design.
Canon Powershot G5 X Review
To this day, in the catalog of Canon, we find up to four different models that make use of this size and resolution BSI CMOS sensor. Therefore, this more than proven the efficiency and quality of the sensor which includes this Canon Powershot G5 X. Models, for the most curious, are G9 X, X, X, and X G3 G5 G7.
The Canon Powershot G5 X has the same goal, with this fixed, and the same sensor that can be found in the 7 X. The objective has a 4, 2 x zoom and is equipped with a handy optical image stabilization. We have already mentioned, one of its major attractions for the employee goal is its opening, which is quite bright, with f/1.8 to 2.8. And for the zoom, equivalent to 35 mm covers range 24 - 100 mm.
Note also the quality of the used screen that has a total resolution of 1040K points, in addition to the use of an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 2360 K points. It is equipped, this viewer, with a detector of the positioning of the eye, to take turns the screen and the Viewer automatically.
Canon Powershot G5 X Review
The main novelties presented this Canon Powershot G5 X with respect to X G7 is undoubtedly its improved system management and manual controls. It has a front wheel, in addition to a control ring located on the circumference of the lens.
Flash hot-shoe is located at the top, but we have a type flash pop up in front of the camera body. In terms of grip, this is rubber on the front and rear, in the dedicated to placing the thumb. As a brief, note that it is the last what connectivity is concerned, because we are both Wi-Fi and NCF, for this purpose has a dedicated button, in order to enable us the power connectivity Wi-Fi, which is something that is appreciated as it should be remembered that make use of the camera with Wi-Fi turned on connectivity is a clear paragraph negatively in the autonomy of the battery. For the video, this Canon Powershot G5 X is capable of recording to FullHD until the 60 fps. It does not reach the 4 K, but the positive side is that we can control manually opening both the ISO control.

Main features

  • 20 megapixel: 1 inch BSI CMOS Sensor 4 optical zoom lens, 2 x, f / 1.8 to 2.8, equivalent 24-100 mm
  • Stabilization of optical image, smartly IS with is 5 dynamic axes
  • Variable angle 3 inches, 1040K points of touch screen
  • Electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 2360 k points, 0.39 inches
  • Wi-Fi connectivity / NFC
  • FullHD, 60 p video, 35Mbps, 5-axis is
  • ISO125 to ISO12800
  • 5cm macro focus
  • Continuous shooting 5.9fps
  • USB

Canon Powershot G5 X Review
This Canon Powershot G5 X is designed in the style of the new DSLR, with a mode dial on the left side of the body and the addition of a hot shoe flash in the middle. On the right, we can see the switch of ignition and shutdown, as well as the trigger, the zoom control and dial dedicated to controlling exposure compensation.
Following a bit of the design, notably featuring a body made of metal, giving it a remarkable robustness. In your hand, it feels really good, and in part, this sense is aided by the fact of having a good rubber on the front grip.
Canon Powershot G5 X Review

Canon Powershot G5 X Review
The camera conveys a sense of good construction, what can be expected to see their average sales price. On the back of the body, as well as the screen as it is logical, it highlights the electronic viewfinder, which is equipped with a diopter concealer and eye position sensor. In the case of the screen as the viewfinder, notably that the levels of resolution, as well as the color fidelity, are really good.
This Canon Powershot G5 X is equipped, in terms of the approach is concerned with 31 points of AF, with the possibility to use the touchscreen face to be able to set the focus area we want to. In terms of menus, what is worth mentioning is that they are clear and are well distributed, therefore, already with that worth. This codified in various colors sections. The button named "Q" gives us the possibility to access a menu personalized in terms of its function between various options.


Spent a bit on the theme of connectivity, the camera follows the footsteps is adopted by most manufacturers for almost all of their models, so it has both Wi-Fi and NFC. To make use of this connectivity, we will need to install the app that has published Canon, which is available both iOS and Android to do so on our device.
This app, among others, will allow us to control the camera from your phone, transfer the images as well as add the GPS location information to photos taken with the camera.
Canon Powershot G5 X Review
Battery life
The autonomy that has this Canon Powershot G5 X is approximately 210 shots, which is rather short for the media that we are seeing lately. However, Canon has endowed this G5 X, as to other models, with the famous model echo, that there is more to which limits to the camera, can say that it lengthens its autonomy up to approx. 320 shots, which in any other occasion can come to us very well.

Canon Powershot G5 X Video 

  • Shutter response < 0. 05secs
  • Wide - Focus / response of the Shutter 0. 125secs
  • Full zoom - focus / response of the Shutter 0. 125secs
  • One trip to another without Flash 0.8secs
  • Shot to shot with Flash 2.3secs
  • Continuous shot - JPEG 7 fps (7 shots)
  • Continuous shooting - Flash 2.1secs
  • Continuous shooting - RAW 0.9secs
Canon Powershot G5 X Review

You can shoot 7 fps during the first 7 rounds before the downturn, to shoot in JPEG (fine), however, when RAW images from the camera shoot much slower with 0.9 seconds between shots.

Video - The camera offers Full HD video at 60 fps, with stereo sound and optical zoom. There is also manual video control, which allows you to adjust the aperture and ISO. The video quality is good, and there is a minimum noise when using the optical zoom. You can also use the touch screen to adjust the focus point during the recording.


Good optical
20 megapixels and 1-inch sensor
Good noise reduction
Captured in RAW form
With good resolution electronic viewfinder
Wi-FI and NFC
Focus fast

Panoramic mode
Little autonomy
Low-speed capture in RAW mode

It's a camera that just like the SONY DSC-RX100 MARK IV are compact, but only in appearance, put that whose details have been carefully caring by the manufacturer in order to power to put them in their catalogs of compact high-end.
Prices both the SONY DSC-RX100 MARK IV G5 X are very similar, but the truth is that overall performance is decanted, narrowly, by the Sony model. However, that you like Canon, say that it is a great model, very focused on video recording, since the screen is movable and also its image stabilizer works really well.
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